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February 13, 2008
Vol. 99, Issue 9

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Unity and progress will save us

Tomasi Larry

I am deeply saddened by the current state of our beloved University.

The temple of Truth and Service is mired in negativity, scandal and instability. Even though there is much work to be done, our student body and many influential leaders would rather spread ignorance, malice, animosity, hatred and false information.

Still, they fail to devise a rational plan to attack such underlying problems as poor customer service, inadequate professors, poor community relations and, most importantly, increased apathy and low student morale.

We must stop attacking one another and start waging war on the real issues that have pushed our entire University on this path of shame and negativity.

Bitterness breaks down the immune system of unity.

One’s inability to let go of and resolve harbored emotions only widens the gaps among students.

How long must we complain without offering a solution?

The Student Government Association’s reputation for fixing such problems has been impeccable, but we cannot do it alone.

Leaders are only as strong as the support they receive from those they represent.

Without your support, change is not possible.

Furthermore, a person does not have to sit at the head of a table to run a household.

If you uproot negative problems, you must plant positive seeds to replace them or risk leaving a vacant lot, receptive to rot.

Then what happens when ground is famished?

The people starve.

In other words, criticism is necessary for any government to thrive.

However, the question remains: What is your solution for change?

Eagle family, the time has come for every student, faculty, staff member and administrator to come together in a spirit of unity and progress to combat the ills that plague our University.

We must confront the issues that divide our family and voice our concerns in a professional and timely manner and leave the vulture of hate at the door.

I know that numerous constituents are unhappy about the lack of competition for SGA elections, especially for student body president and vice president.

However, the problems that challenge our new leaders are the elusive imps of apathy, hatred, and dishonesty which have divided mankind since its inception.

Our new leaders must have our love and support in order to destroy these adversaries.

A gruesome battle is wagging in the heart of our University that only can be eradicated with the potent elixir of unity and progress.

This ideology was fathered by God himself and birthed from the souls of leaders through strife and hardship.

It is because of this struggle that unity and progress has served as a beacon of hope for the rehabilitation of our University.

We must apply the words of Alfonso Elder (not Shepard): “excellence without excuses.”

We cannot tolerate underachievers.

The vision of Chancellor Nelms provides certainty that the student standard will remain excellent.

Too many students cannot continue their educations due to cuts in financial aid, too many graduates are unprepared for corporate America, too many students do not feel safe on our campus, too many classrooms have inadequate teaching equipment, and too many students live in sub-par residence halls.

Given those problems our student body can’t afford to be at odds.

We must unite to fight against the machine for the causes of unity, progress and change.

There is nothing that we cannot achieve together, with a spirit of unity and progress.

If there is a problem, we can solve it. If there is an obstacle, we can overcome it.

If there is a pain, we can heal it. If there is a cross, we can bear it.

For the Bible declares that we can do all things though Christ, who strengthens us.

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