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November 8 2001
Vol. 93, Issue 3

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The NCCU Year in Pictures 2000-2001

The NCCU Year in Pictures 1999-2000

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Crime reports released to public

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has setup a web site that displays information about the U.S. crime report.

The annual report released this week provides information about the level of crimes in each State.

Seven thousand law enforcement agencies are a part of the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program. The total number of crimes for this year decreased for the most part. The Crime Index total, which indicates serious crime volume, decreased 0.2 percent from 1999.

Also in other findings, the report states that robbery, aggravated assault and murder decreased from 1999 to 2000, but forcible rape increased .9 percent.

The report, in pdf format, contains seven sections of detailed tables and charts.

The summary includes a crime index offenses reported and cleared, persons arrested, an analysis of motor vehicle theft and a section on law enforcement personnel.

The report can be found at

— Oga McEachern
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