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April 22, 2009
Vol. 100, Issue 11

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The NCCU Year in Pictures 2000-2001

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    Make your voice heard - write us at the Campus Echo. Here are the rules:

    The Echo welcomes letters and editorials from all NCCU community members. Letters to the editor should be no longer than 400 words. Editorials should be no longer than 650 words. Students should include their year, major and phone number. Others should include their title, department and phone number. Publication is not guaranteed.

    The Echo reserves the right to edit contributions for clarity, vulgarity, typos and miscellaneous grammatical gaffs. Names may be w ithheld if the author identifies him or herself to the editor. Opinions published in the Echo do not necessarily reflect those of the Echo editorial staff.

    Send contributions to any of the addresses listed below:

    Mail: Campus Echo/NCCU, 1801 Fayetteville, Durham, NC 27707
    Phone: 919-530-7116
    Fax: 919-530-7991

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