Department: Technical Services - (919) 530- 6430

  • Vacant, Head of Technical Services
    (919) 530-7309

The Technical Services Department consists of Acquisitions and Cataloging sections.


This section selects and acquires all materials for the university libraries excluding the Law Library and the SLIS Library. Pre-order searching, processing books to deliver to cataloging, communication with faculty, staff, and students, and evaluation of the collection are other vital responsibilities of the area.


This section processes all types of materials for the various collections within the building. These materials are classified with the Library of Congress Classification System.

Currently, the periodicals are not classified but are arranged in alphabetical order by title and shelved in the Serials Section.

The Cataloging section also maintains the online public access catalog using the Sirsi System. Records are added to the local database by uploading records via the OCLC PRISM Service bibliographic transfer and by inputting records directly using Sirsi WorkFlows.

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