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Chancellor Debra Saunders-White at Fall Convocation

Fall Convocation


NCCU Chancellor Debra Saunders-White took a walk around campus about 10 o’clock one recent evening. In her conversations with students, she said, she often heard that campus safety was a big concern. “I walked the campus like a student will walk the campus,” she said in an interview. She found places that were dark and potentially unsafe because trees blocked the lighting. She directed the staff to manage the vegetation to eliminate the dark spots as much as possible, with particular attention to areas near the emergency call boxes.

Saunders-White said she also learned, in discussions with students and members of the NCCU Police Department...

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NCCU Writes


North Carolina Central University has been dedicated to the success of its students since its founding in 1910. As a result of this commitment, students at NCCU can find a multitude of programs designed to prepare them for success in the work force. One such program is the university’s Writing Studio. ...

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