Eagles Serve in the Magnolia State

When an EF4 tornado tore through Hattiesburg, Miss., on Feb. 10, it left a massive swath of destruction. In 33 minutes, winds of up to 170 mph devastated several area high schools, the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi and nearly 1,000 other homes and buildings.

Help has come to Hattiesburg from around the country, and during Easter weekend, NCCU students joined the crew of volunteers helping the town to rebuild. Through the Academic Community Service Learning Program, NCCU students...

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Sweet Dreams and Beautiful Nightmares on the Runway

Textiles and Apparel juniors and seniors challenged their imagination in the 16th annual NCCU Fashion Inc. production on April 3. The theme was "Runway of Dreams."

"Fashion is a freedom of expression you take chances to show the world who you really are," said...

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