Research Assistance : Library Instruction

Library Tours

Library tours are conducted for classes, groups, or individuals. The tour will be customized accordingly depending on the needs of the class or group. A tour highlights:
  • The general organization of the library
  • The library's collections
  • Service points such as circulation, reference, and reserves
  • Access to computers
  • General library policies
  • The library catalog and other print and electronic resources

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Library Instruction Classes

Library instruction classes are conducted for individual classes on how to do research in general, how to obtain resources for specific subject areas, or for specific assignments or projects. The sessions are tailored to meet the needs of each class as outlined by the professor requesting this service. The students will be shown how to:

  • Identify appropriate keywords and concepts in their topic
  • Identify relevant reference sources for background information
  • Search the online catalog for books and/or other materials
  • Use keywords and boolean searches when searching databases
  • Distinguish between scholarly and non-scholarly sources (journals vs. magazines)
  • Find scholarly articles.
  • Critically evaluate information sources
  • Cite sources using appropriate citation styles
  • Find other sources of information as deemed appropriate by the professor

Students also receive hands-on instruction (subject to computer lab availability) and one-on-one assistance outside class.

Many times students are unwilling or afraid to admit they do not know how to access library resources, and even those who know are usually unsure of the specific databases or resources relevant for a given subject.

What you can do:

  • Call (919) 530-7315 to sign your class up for a library instruction session, or
  • Complete a Library Instruction Request Form provided here. In order to ensure adequate preparation, please give a two weeks notice.
  • Include your students' research topics or class assignment in the request form.

Library sessions are more relevant and productive if done when students have chosen their topics. This will help tailor the presentation to the students' research needs. It's also helpful for students to know their topics before the presentation begins so they have an immediate and concrete need for the skills taught.

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Blackboard: Integrate Library Instruction into Your Course

I am available to work with you to provide access to the following for your students on Blackboard

  • Collaborate with you in creating library assignments for your students
  • Provide library handouts and/or tutorials with research tips
  • Prepare a bibliography of library resources your students may find relevant for their topics
  • Be available as the contact person for students to send e-mail if they have questions regarding library research

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Individual Training

Individual training is available for faculty to assist you in the use of a new information resource or consult with you on the design of your library research assignments. To schedule an individual training or consultation session, please contact the Information Literacy/Library Instruction Librarian at (919) 530-7315.

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