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Evaluation of Web Resources

Searching the World Wide Web
Evaluating internet research resources with documentation from Purdue's Writing Center.

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Resources for Writers


Common Errors in English
A nice list of common mistakes by Paul Brians (Washinman).

Guide to Grammar and Style
Jack Lynch (Rutgers-Newark) has created a concise guide which will answer most of your questions.

Right Words
Simple advice from some New Zealand professional editors on punctuation, grammar terms.

Judy Vorfeld, professional editor, has created this grammar and writing toolkit.

Writer's Workshop Grammar handbook
It explains and illustrates the basic grammatical rules concerning parts of speech, phrases, clauses, sentences and sentence elements, and common problems of usage.

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(for resources concerning the publishing industry, and marketing your writing, see the Mass Communication)

Elements of Style
William Strunk's classic reference for hers.

Forest of Rhetoric
Brigham Young writing professor Gideon Burton's guide to rhetorical terms and usage based on classical and Renaissance dels.

OWL - Online Writing Center
Purdue's online help center for writers...the handout sectpful.

The Slot
Writing peeves by Washington Post Copy alsh.

Writing Resources from Dictionary.Com
Nice collection of resources for writers.

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Citing Electronic Sources
Excellent guides to APA and hypertext research papers from the University of South Dakota.

MLA Guidelines
A guide from Capital Community College, Hartford, CT, based on MLA   documentation.

Research and Documentation by Discipline
Barbara Hacker's guide to research and documentation styles by academic discipline.

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American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language
2000 edition.

General word and reference resource.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary/Thesaurus
Featured as yourDictionary's English language premier resources.

The global language portal of record; a web of online dictionaries of many world languages.

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Literature Resources

General References

Cambridge History of English and American Literature
Authoritative general reference and bibliography for the field.

Rhetorical/Literary Terms
A dictionary of literary and rhetorical terms, jointly created by professors at Southern California and Kentucky.

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Gateways to Literature / Meta-sites

Local gateways: English Resources at Duke, NC State, UNC-Chapel Hill
(Available to NCCU students and staff  with valid id)

The English Server
Unique hybrid of 226 English professors sythesizing scholarly communication and collecting online resources in 42 categories. Some dead links but a lot of useful material.

Voice of the Shuttle
Great resource for humanities research, especially for Literature in English, from UC-Santa Barbara.

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The Camelot Project
The University or Rochester's archive of Arthurian texts digitized.

Georgetown University's great online guide for medievalists.

ORB:Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies
A Medievalist's online resource with articles reviewed by at least two scholars.

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Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies
University of Toronto resource of criticism and texts.

Anniina Jokinen's site very strong for Renaissance, and 17th-century English literature texts and criticism.

Milton-L Home Page
University of Richmond's archive of the Miltonists' internet discussion group, with photographs, texts, criticism.

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18th Century

Centre of Attention: the Fop
An essay in Early Modern Literary Studies on a character type of the period.

Eighteenth Century Fashion
Costume resources online for hairstyles, stitches, and history.

Eighteenth Century Studies
This is from the E-server, archives works from the perspectives of literary and cultural studies. Novels, plays, memoirs, treatises and poems of the period are kept here. Maintained by Geoffrey Sauer at Carnegie Mellon.

Jack Lynch's Resources
The resources from his gateway for literary studies; he's an 18th Century specialist so this section is particularly strong.

Restoration Day
Words in the day of an 18th century Englishman, compliments of W. W. Norton Co.

William Blake Archive
University of Virginia's site for pleasure, study, research. Many of the illuminations fully digitized and well organized.

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19th Century

Romantic Circles
A University of Maryland resource for the study of second generation Romantics.

Romantic Chronology
Interesting visual organization of literary events from California-Santa Barbara.

Victorian Web
Thorough resource of Victorian literature, history and society by Brown professor George Landow, with many little known authors included.

Women of the Romantic Period
A great hypertextual experience from Texas-Austin, recovers many excluded female voices from the British Romantic tradition.

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Perspectives in American Literature (PAL)
Comprehensive research and reference guide by professor at CSU-Stanislaus, organized by period and author.


Jone Johnson Lewis's great site on Emerson, Thoreau and their time.

Mark Twain in his Times
From the Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia, with texts, criticism, photographs.

Virtual Victoria
Sarah Smith's fun collection of all things Victorian and Edwardian in America.

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The Circle African-American Brotherhood
Check out the Visual and Literary Links. "Zillions of African American links" by a community organization in Upstate NY. Many dead links but still helpful.

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Native American

Native American Authors
From the Internet Public Library, a valuable starting point with biographies, bibliographies, and photographs.

Native American Literature Online
A resource for indigenous peoples around the globe.

Native American authors online. Though less comprehensive than the Internet Public Library site, this site is more useful if your author is listed.

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Woman's Studies

Women Writers Project
Brown University's virtual clearing house for criticism and texts.

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20th Century Anglo-American Literature

Post World War II Database
Includes information about rock, punk, Generation X, etc., sponsored by UC-Berkeley.

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World Language and Literature

Multi -Cultural/Post-Colonial

Postcolonial Studies
Created by Deepika Bahri, Emory Univeristy, to assist students with definitions of key concepts and issues, with links to other related sites.

Books by and about South Asian Women, with summaries and reviews, maintained by the University of Maryland. Some links are dead, but the bibliography is valuable.

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Language and Linguistics Resources
Collected by the University of Pennsylvania Library.

Linguistic Links
From the Linguistics Department at the University of Rochester.

Virtual Library Linguistics Resources
A collection of resources for students and professional linguists at Eastern Michigan University.

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Literary Criticism/Theory

Critical Theorists
Links to texts of theorists (U. Denver).

Online Literary Criticism Collection
From the Internet Public Library, an archive of practical criticism on a broad range of writers from scholarly journals.

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Mass Communication

Journalism Resources
Compiled by journalism professor at U. Iowa.

Mass Media
Mick Underwood's site on news values with well-organized glossary of terms.

UCLA Center for Cyberspace Law and Policy
An online forum for the online community to share ideas and explore new  directions.

Valley of the Shadow Project
Useful newspaper extracts from two communities during 1861-1865, one North and one South.

World Intellectual Property Organization
Promotes the use and protection of works of the human spirit.

Writers Write
Great resource for writers about the industry, including various markets such as business, medical, and technical writing.

Writing Now
Power packed advice for writers from seasoned writers, with other resources concerning the publishing industry.

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American Verse Project
University of Michigan's digitization of pre-1920's American texts.

The great online publisher of classic poetry and reference texts easily navigable with hyperlinked tables of content.

Making of America
University of Michigan's digitization project of documents from 19th century America's social history.

The Modern English Collection 
The University of Virginia's
heterogenous collection of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama, letters, newspapers, manuscripts and illustrations from 1500 to the present.

On-Line Books
University of Pennsylvania collection of 15,000+ books digitized, but not hyperlinked.

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Discussion and Associations

Communication and organizations in the community of English literature scholarship.

Literary Listservs
University of Pennsylvania's index of online discussion groups for English.


Academy of American Poets
Supports American poets at all stages of their careers and fosters the appreciation of contemporary poetry.

Modern Language Association of America (MLA)
The professional organization for scholars in English.

University of Waterloo Directory of Scholarly Societies
A great index of scholarly societies around the world.

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